Gas Lanterns

By Owen Jones

There are several varieties of gas lantern. They are primarily used to produce light when you do not have a battery lamp or access to an electrical socket. In fact, they are most often used for emergency situations, when the power goes out at home, when you are camping or sitting in the garden later in the evening. They offer much more light than most torches and they are handy because you can stand them on a table, carry them, or hang them up.

There are quite a few models of gas lantern. However, they differ not only in design, but also in the type of fuel they burn. Some people like the old fashioned style kerosene or paraffin lamps. They like the design, the historical facet and possibly even the smell.

Their benefits are that the fuel is low-priced and easy to find. However, their disadvantages are that they smell and are very dangerous if tipped over. The storage of surplus paraffin or kerosene is also a serious hazard, should a fire break out.

If you want one of these old style kerosene lanterns, they are widely available at camping, army surplus and hardware shops. If you are going to use them for emergency lighting, it is best to have four or five on hand, clean and ready to fill.

The wicks should be trimmed and the glass clean. Keep them in plastic bags to prevent dust building up on them. Keep one already filled with kerosene so that you can fill the others by its light. It is safer and less wasteful this way.

However, the modern equivalent of the kerosene lantern is the propane gas lantern. Propane gas lanterns burn with a very clean flame, which is also quite hot, so it does warm up its immediate surroundings, maybe to a distance of a foot or two. Therefore, it can keep faces warm on a cool evening in the garden.

Propane gas lanterns are fueled by gas canisters. They come in various sizes from quite small to large, but the gas does burn for a long while. The small canisters are best for emergency use and the larger ones for use on camping trips or in the garden. They are fairly cheap, are clean to burn, provide some heat, are light weight and are very safe.

On the safety side of things, it is obviously very important that you follow the manufacturer's directions when using any kind of gas lantern, because they are all a potential fire hazard, especially when camping in a wood.

Make yourself acquainted with the operation of the lantern you make your mind up to use before you need to use it. The gas lantern may get hot so be careful with it and get used to lighting it in the daylight so that you know what you are doing, when you need the gas lantern for real. One last tip, if you are taking a propane gas lantern on a camping holiday, take enough canisters with you. The merchant should be able to tell you how many hours they will last for the use you are going to put them to. - 31877

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Can Self Hypnosis Help Me Reach My Goals And Break Bad Habits?

By Todd Schuyler

Is self hypnosis a effective tool? Do you have goals you want reach? Are you interested in improving yourself? Can I really stop those bad habits? To the answers to these and many other self hynosis questions read further.

Self hypnosis is usually thought of as a person listening to an audio tape, mp3, or other mass-produced media, intended to induce a willingness to absorb suggestions centered around a specific topic such as weight loss, stop smoking, etc. Unfortunately, this kind of hypnosis is generally prepared by someone who has never met the person being hypnotized.

For example, if you burn easily sunbathing, that last thing you want to hear about is a long walk on a sunny beach. In this case, the "self" in self hypnosis simply means that you listen to it all by yourself. How do you incorporate self improvement to this kind of self hypnosis? To be able to go about self improvement, there are certain aspects in you that should be addressed. Using self hypnosis, the negative aspects that are serving as hindrances to improvement must be removed.

A true self hypnosis would necessarily be designed and created by the very person who will ultimately use and benefit from it. Unlike the mass-produced hypnosis, this hypnosis is made for the exact purpose the person wishes, including the precise words and phrases that mean the most to that particular person.

The true self hypnosis is thus crafted by the person to suit his or her own particular needs. The benefits derived could only be accomplished with such a personal, one-of-a-kind self hypnosis. In this case, the "self" in self hypnosis really does mean that you are being hypnotized by yourself!

Below is a brief view of the self hypnotic process. Though lots of variations of this method have been used, these are the basic steps you have to go through in order to hypnotize yourself to accomplish your self improvement goals.

1. Write down your goals from the most important goal to the least important. If all possible, your goals should be measurable.

2. For every particular goal, you should implement fitting suggestions which means you have to convert your goals into specific instructions to your subconscious mind on how to achieve each goal you set.

3. Relax yourself. Use the first few minutes of your self hypnotic session to get as relaxed as possible. Try to forget all your problems.

4. Start your hypnotic initiation phase by saying and repeating out loud the hypnotic words you have chosen, thinking of these words or listening to a hypnotic tape or CD customized for your hypnotic and goal fulfillment needs.

Before you begin your self hypnotic exercises you should make a time schedule for it. Do your hypnosis sessions every day for five minutes. Repeat your suggestions as often as possible during the day. Measure your progress. Are you closer to reaching your goals now than you were before you started?

If you answer negative to these questions, you have to rethink and reorganize your train of thoughts. This is the only way you can find out if this method is really helping you in achieving your self improvement goals. If you desire more help. There are many good sites out there. I suggestamazing hypnosis resources. Self improvement is now a goal that's obtainable. - 31877

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Guidelines for Choosing a Program of Self Help for Panic Attacks

By Dr. Greg Hamlin

There is quite a lot of variety among programs of self help for panic attacks. Each has a different emphasis such as self help for panic attacks experienced by public speakers or self help for panic attacks while driving. Additionally, the format and media vary from a simple self help book to a full-scale online digital course.

Yet a good program will present information in more than one format. There is something to read, there are audios and videos, there are interactive assignments. A complete program of self help for panic attacks presents good content using more than one medium.

A program of self help for panic attacks should contain four major components. First, there should be a module of good solid information about anxiety and panic. Second, the program should contain a practical approach to building specific skills that have been proven to overcome symptoms of anxiety attacks. Third, there should be tools that support the skills. A hammer is the tool that supports the skill of pounding a nail without bending it. Fourth, the best programs have good instructions for pacing yourself and tailoring the program to fit your needs, schedule, and level of motivation.

Let's dig a little deeper into each one of these essentials. There is a body of knowledge that students need to know if they are going to learn how to outsmart panic attacks and conquer them. If you are trying to peel yourself off of a barbed wire fence, it helps to have some knowledge in order to minimize the damage. A good program of self help for panic attacks will strike a balance between giving enough information and giving information about anxiety that is streamlined.

While good information is important, one must have the skills to know what to do with that information. In learning how to tackle panic attacks it is essential to acquire simple skills such as how to monitor and quantify your anxiety level, how to relax specific areas of the body, how to recognize the phases of a panic attacks so that you can have good timing for using each skill. A program of self help for panic attacks must have a realistic, practical method to help people to acquire a new skill set.

The tools component of a program of self help for panic attacks goes hand in hand with the skill building component. It's important introduce tools at the right time and in the right context so that the learner builds confidence one step at a time.

Tailoring the pace of progress to the unique situation of the learner is one of the most important components because the symptoms, severity, and resources vary so much from person to person. A good program of self help for panic attacks should offer tips for how to adjust the pace of the program to fit your needs. But why is this so important?

Think about it. If the next step is just too frightening to consider, then it becomes more likely that you will give up and quit the program. On the other hand, if the next step is too easy then you won't make enough progress to make it worth your time. Programs of self help for panic attacks work best if there is a straightforward way to adjust the pace as you go.

If you search online for programs of self help for panic attacks you can use these four essentials to make a preliminary judgment about a program just by reading descriptions of the program or sales literature before you purchase it. - 31877

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Office Chairs

By Owen Jones

It is because people come in various shapes and sizes, that chair manufacturers decided to make chairs for discriminating users adaptable. If they had not done that, then there would have to be dozens of chairs with different dimensions to fit all sorts of people. Therefore, office chair manufacturers have very shrewdly passed the cost of a simple chair onto the business population.

However, given the fact that it is not easy to buy a decent chair if you are not of standard proportions, you will have to buy an adjustable chair. This situation appertains to the environment of an office, where workers frequently sit for eight hours barely moving a muscle in their torso.

This scenario often causes lower back and neck problems. The basic fact is that you have to be able to sit on your chair comfortably with your thighs level and your feet flat on the floor. In an office environment, this often means buying adjustable chairs, because of the through-put of staff and the variety in the size of the human body.

This is not so much of a predicament if you only do a few hours surfing the Internet when you get in, but it is an entirely different kettle of fish if you sit at a desk for protracted periods of time. In general, the longer you plan to remain at your desk, the better quality chair you will need.

Therefore, if you are a full-timer, a professional, you need the best. If you are working for yourself, you need the best and if you are working for someone else, you can not afford to put up with inferior seating, which could lead to injury and, eventually, dismissal later on.

If you are often on your feet or in and out of the office, you can afford to be more indulgent with the specifications essential for someone who is chained to the desk practically eight hours a day except for breaks. Secretaries fall into this group. They repeatedly have to go to filing cabinets and welcome people into the office.

The power users are the executives who are office bound and individuals like telesales people. They literally stay in their seats all their working day except for breaks and so they need the best safety gear available. Make no mistake about it, an ergonomic chair is every bit as important for an office worker as a safety belt is for a chauffeur or taxi driver.

If you buy yourself a cheap non-ergonomic chair or allow your boss to lumber you with one, you only have yourself to blame, if you acquire a bad back or a stiff neck. However, office industrial related injuries do not stop there. There is repetitive strain injury too, which can be extremely painful and last for years, causing you to have to give up your office job.

All of these facts are well documented by the health care profession and the unions, so if you want to make sure that you will be employed in that office job for the foreseeable future, pick up a few pamphlets and read up on the subject. - 31877

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Build Up Your Mood Using These Suggestions

By Nicole Rinaldi

From time to time, many of us aren't as happy as they want to be. Here are a few tips to get you through those times.

You and only you can remove the negative thoughts that are affecting your mood and making you miserable. Concentrate on optimistic and positive thoughts and you will soon feel your mood lift.

It's a well known fact that a smile is extremely therapeutic and really raises your spirits. It also reduces your stress levels and can even give your immune system a boost. Making someone else happier will have a knock on effect and you will feel better too.

A long walk in the great outdoors is good for you in so many ways. Your brain function will get a boost, calories will be burnt off and if you suffer from PMS it's really good for relieving the symptoms.

Have a good hard look at your diet; can you honestly say that you eat enough fresh vegetables and fruit? Not many of us can, so it's time to correct that. When you think that they also offer protection against certain types of cancer, chronic diseases and strokes, why don't we eat more?

Put some time aside for yourself to have a good read. This will really give you something to concentrate on and you will also learn new and interesting things.

Don't neglect your friends; pick up your phone and five them a call. They are the ones who will stick by you thick and thin, so don't push them out. True friends will listen to your woes and help your through it.

Valuable lessons can be learnt from those that you wouldn't normally think about spending time with. A young child under the age of 6 will enrapture you with the sheer simplicity of their nature, while a person over 70 will share their stories and wisdom.

You should try and play some new games, be they board games or one of the thousands that are online. These can help on so many levels, from socially interacting to developing new skills.

Finally, enjoy life! This is it, isn't a dress rehearsal, this is your life so make the most of it. Appreciate what you have instead of wallowing in self pity about what you haven't got. Grab each day and do something worthwhile. - 31877

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Black Hills Rings? What Are They?

By Owen Jones

Most people have aspirations for the future. Some people plan out their lives in elaborate detail from an early age, while others just pray that their dreams will come true. I think that that depends on the attitude to life you have as much as your personality. I definitely remember that when I was a boy, some of the girls I knew were planning what they would do when they got married to so and so movie star.

They did not know anything about marriage or what being married was like, they were just role playing, but some of those dreams might have stuck.

None of the boys in my class thought about their future much at all. I did not either really although I knew that I wanted to go to university and travel after that. I studied French and German for three years and passed my finals.

After finishing university, I began working for an international firm and did some traveling. I have always liked jewellery although I do not wear a lot at the same time. I suppose I collect jewellery, but I like to wear it as well.

It was a custom of mine to buy a piece of jewellery wherever I went, if I saw something I liked and if I could afford it. Anyway, I met a young woman while I was in America and I told her about my craze for collecting jewellery and rings in particular. I showed her a couple of rings that I had taken with me. One was a ring with a Celtic Knot design and another was an Irish Claddagh ring.

Anyway, we got on well and so she offered to take me to a jewellers that she knew. We went to a small back street jeweller, who had a range of rings I had never heard of before. They were called Black Hills Gold Rings and they looked very distinctive. They have quite a range, including a lot of the common designs, but they also have a few patterns that I had never seen before. I was hooked and wanted one.

My friend really fell for a women's wedding set. She had seen it in the window for months, but did not have anyone to give it to her. The engagement ring had two leaves and a grape cluster with a small diamond nestled in the middle of it, while the wedding band had two additional leaves and a grape cluster. This meant that when worn together, the two rings would fit together to surround the diamond completely. It was really very nice.

I had to grant that it was very beautiful, but felt it necessary to point out that I had not known her long enough to propose. She was a good sort and did not feel offended. I bought a striking white gold ring with the Black Hills gold roses inlaid on the top two thirds of the band, leaving the underside of the ring plain. It was a gorgeous addition to my collection. As for my guide, well, she did not get a ring, but I took her for an expensive meal and she seemed happy enough with that. - 31877

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More Secrets Of Mindpower!

By Kevin B Shine

We only use an estimated amount of ten percent of our mindpower. One can only imagine the incredible things we would experience if we could access that ninety percent that we don't currently use!

It is believed that people with extra ordinary abilities like extra sensory or psychic powers are because people learn how to access the different parts of their mind. Many believe they are born with that increased mindpower or just have managed to develop that part of the mind later in life.

Even though it has never been totally comprehended, the advances we've made in quantum physics is starting to reveal the true link of what we experience in life, and what we think.

Studies are starting to confirm that the ancient religions that had been saying for thousands of years that reality is a product of your mind and that you can change the way you think has a lot of truth to it. Mindpower is really the only reality!

The law of attraction is best described in the movie, 'The Secret'. The theory behind the law of attractions that through their mind and the way they see things, they can change just about anything. Through their mindpower or the way that they think they can either attract abundance, or just about anything else they want in their life.

If you haven't seen the movie, it is about how the law of attraction affects everyone, and that all our actions have cause and effects. No matter what you think, you can get. Learning to actually communicate with your subconscious mind is important or else your mind will think everything is exactly the way you want it to be. The scientific term for this is homeostasis.

What reacts with the universe is called universal consciousness. It's a way to manifest your desires by using the subconscious mind which is responsible for all the esp powers, for example, telepathy, remove viewing, and precognition.

Developing your mindpower it is key to communicate with your subconscious mind. There are a number of ways to do this.

Affirmations are when you are repeating a positive phrase to yourself several times a day eventually your subconscious mind will understand and believe it too.

A daily affirmation to break a bad habit would be to constantly tell yourself over and over throughout the day that you no longer need whatever it was that was a bad habit, or I no longer choose to do whatever that habit was. If you want to bring up your self esteem you would tell yourself how good you are, how smart you are, how beautiful you are, and any other positive thoughts.

Repeating your affirmations on a daily basis, you will see them start to work. You speak to your subconscious mind, telling your mind that you want something different and eventually you will start to behave differently..

This works with everything in life. If you can put it in your mind in a positive way, and really store it in your subconscious mind you will change your life. You can make it all reality. Realize that everything you'd like to see change, will change and it really will.

Visualizing what you want also has a positive effect to your life. The more you can visualize what you want, the more likely it will happen. Can you imagine getting everything in your dreams? Visualize it consistently and eventually you will have it.

Think of yourself as living with psychic powers, and communicating telepathically. This mindpower is powerful, and whatever you want to happen will. If you want to be able to see into the future or view remotely, just use the powerful mind.

Though hypnosis you can communicate with your subconscious mind and help to develop your mindpower. You can visit a professional hypnotist, or a hypnotherapist that will help you to get into a totally relaxed state and help you to get into your subconscious mind. Communicating subconsciously will help you to develop your mindpower. A trained hypnotist or hypnotherapist can help you put things into your subconscious mind which you will remember when you wake up.

There have been excellent results in self hypnosis. People will play a recording in which they are relaxed, and the recording begins to add the different suggestions into your subconscious mind. The great part of self hypnosis is being able to listen to it over and over, and also the price of self hypnosis is cheaper than using a hypnotist or a hypnotherapist.

A new audio technology for brainwave entrainment called brainwave synchronization. Brainwave synchronization changes your brainwaves instantly to a different frequency. The result of this, can be many different things. A certain frequency can improve your memory, while another frequency may release endorphins that could heal or alleviate pain.

Other frequencies allow you to get into a state of meditation very quickly. This is necessary for you to be to successfully communicate with your subconscious mind.

Some frequencies may stimulate the chakra energy centers of your body. There is a chakra in the center of your forehead which is referred to the third eye which controls a person's psychic powers.

There is no need to develop these powers, they are inside you and just need to find a way out. People say mindpower is in you, but repressed and locked deep within your mind.

Developing mindpower actually comes down to unlocking all the powers and true potential that every human being already has. - 31877

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